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Solar Panel Installation Services

Our PV Mounting systems make for quick and easy solar panel installation. Get in touch to learn more about this innovative renewable energy solution on

Solar Panel Installation Services

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular choice for Irish homeowners and businesses alike, all of whom are looking to reduce their carbon footprint while saving on energy costs.


Solar panel roof brackets are the foundation on which solar panels are mounted on rooftops. They act as a secure and stable base, ensuring the solar panels are positioned optimally for maximum sun exposure, thereby enhancing energy production.


There are a variety of solar panel mount types, the conditional installation of which will depend on your current roof type.


Flush Mount Brackets

Flush mount brackets are the most common and cost-effective option for solar panel installation. These lightweight brackets are installed parallel to the roof surface, resulting in a sleek and low-profile appearance.


Tilted Mount Brackets

Tilted mount brackets allow the solar panels to be angled towards the sun, increasing energy generation during different seasons and optimising output.


Adjustable Mount Brackets

Adjustable mount brackets offer flexibility in adjusting the panel tilt angles as needed, making them ideal for coastal regions and the unpredictable Irish weather.


Ballasted Mount Brackets

Ballasted mount brackets do not require roof penetrations and are weighted down to ensure stability. Ballasted mounting is the best mounting system for flat roofs.


Roof-Integrated Mount Brackets

Roof-integrated brackets combine solar panels with roofing materials, creating a seamless and aesthetically pleasing solution.


Ascend Roofing’s solar panel mounting brackets are designed to withstand and last throughout the seasons. Get in touch with the team today on

Mounting Solar Panels

Finding the optimal placement for your solar panel mounts is paramount and directly linked to the successive positioning of the property towards the sun. Our roofing and solar panel mounting experts will carefully assess and determine where your solar panel mounts need to be positioned for optimal performance, saving you money on your heating and energy bills.


Aligning you with cost effective solar panel mount installation solutions. Get in touch with the team today on

Solar Panel Installation Services FAQs

What are solar panel roof brackets?

Solar panel roof brackets are supportive structures that secure solar panels onto roofs, allowing them to capture sunlight effectively.

How do solar panel roof brackets work?

These brackets provide a secure foundation for solar panels, orienting them for optimal sun exposure and energy production.

Can solar panel roof brackets be used on any roof type?

There are different types of brackets suitable for various roof types. Our roofing specialists will assess which mounting systems are right for your roof type, optimising their productivity.

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