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Roof Insulation

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Roof Insulation

The average Irish home loses about 20 – 30% of its heat through the roof if not insulated properly.

Roof insulation refers to the material installed between the roof's structural components to regulate temperature and improve energy efficiency. It helps keep your home warm in the winter and cool during the summer, reducing the need for excessive heating or air conditioning respectively.

This, in turn, leads to reduced utility bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Roof insulation also assists with the enhancement of indoor comfort by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the year.


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Rafter Insulation

Rafter Insulation is the optimal positioning for insulation in residential, commercial and industrial properties, as the spacing between rafters is not generally utilised for any other purpose meaning that even in tight spaces, insulation can be easily installed.


Blanket insulation is one of the most common and cost-effective types of roof insulation. It comes in rolls or batts and is usually made of fiberglass, mineral wool, or natural fibres. Blanket insulation is easy to install and fits snugly between rafters and joists.


Foam board insulation comes in rigid panels made of polystyrene or polyurethane. It offers high insulating value and is suitable for both new construction and retrofitting existing roofs and can also be used within flat roofs and attic conversions.


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Roof Insulation FAQs

Does roof insulation prevent leaks?

Roof insulation can help reduce the risk of leaks by maintaining a consistent temperature, preventing ice dams and condensation buildup.

Is roof insulation environmentally friendly?

Yes. Roof insulation contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly home by conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

How long does roof insulation last?

Well-maintained roof insulation can last for several decades, providing reliable thermal protection for your home.

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