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Roof Repair

Protect your home or business with our comprehensive roof repair services and ensure your roof is built to last. Get in touch today on

Roof Repair

Due to its heritage, old residential and commercial architectural properties, which includes thousands of Irish homes, and businesses have to undergo roof repair, every year.

Over time, our roofs may become susceptible to wear and tear, demanding timely repairs to maintain their defensive functionality against the wind and rain.


Water intrusion can lead to severe structural damage and mould growth. Don’t put your roof repair on the long finger and get in touch today on

Roof Leak Repair

Identifying Leaks and Water Damage

One of the primary signs that your roof requires repair is the presence of leaks or water stains on the ceilings and walls. Water intrusion can lead to severe structural damage and mould growth which can be detrimental to your building’s integrity, and your occupant’s health.


Damaged or Missing Shingles

Shingles are the outermost layer of the roof, protecting it from the wild Atlantic weather elements. Damaged or missing shingles can expose the underlying roof structure, making it vulnerable to further damage.

Sagging Roof or Ceilings

A sagging roof or ceilings may indicate structural issues, such as a weakened roof deck or damaged support beams, and is often seen within Victorian or Georgian architecture throughout Ireland. Ignoring such signs can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the line.


Granule Buildup in Gutters

Finding granules from shingles in your gutters is a clear indication of roof aging. Granule loss can accelerate shingle deterioration, compromising the roof's effectiveness in protecting your home and belongings.


Protect your home or business with our extensive roof repair services that will breathe longevity into your home. Get in touch today on

Flat Roof Repair

A flat roof, as the name suggests, has a low slope or no slope at all. Unlike traditional pitched roofs, they have a horizontal or nearly horizontal design. These roofs are common in modern architecture and are often made of materials like asphalt, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), or TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin).


However, this roof type is the most susceptible to needing roof repair which is usually determined by the accumulation of water which is also known as ‘pooling’ or ‘ponding’.

The cause of which can be determined by examining membrane damage, cracking and blistering, vegetative growth, and insufficient drainage.


If you notice any signs of water damage, mould growth, or blistering, it is more than likely that you need to avail of Ascend Roofing’s roof repair services.


Roof repair that will stand the test of time. Get in touch with our roofing experts today on

Roof Repair FAQs

Can I repair a flat roof leak myself?

Minor leaks can be temporarily patched with roofing cement, but for lasting solutions, it's best to get in touch with Ascend Roofing LTD.

Are flat roofs energy-efficient?

Flat roofs can be energy-efficient when properly insulated and coated with reflective materials to reduce heat absorption.

Is a flat roof suitable for all climates?

Flat roofs can work well in various climates, but proper insulation and drainage are pivotal to the longevity of your roof as it battles against the relentless Irish weather.

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